Zelio is a big range in Schneider electric that includes analogue interfaces, control relays, counters, logic smart relays, zelio plug-in relays, and timing relays.
The Zelio Analog range of converters is designed to convert signals emitted by sensors or electrical measurements into standard electrical signals which are compatible with automation platforms, controllers (thermal processes, speed, …).

Control relays range includes: 3-phase supply control relays, voltage control relays, voltage measurement relays, current measurement relays, liquid level control relays, plug-in liquid level control relays.
Counters complement the range of display units and operator dialogue terminals by offering simple display and entry functions.
They are fully compatible with detection and human-machine interface products.

Zelio Logic smart relays are designed for use in small automation systems. They are used in both the industrial and commercial sectors.

Zelio plug-in relays types are: RSB interface relays, RXM miniature relays, RUM universal relays, RPM power relays, and RPF power relays

Timing relay is a component which is designed for timing events in industrial automation systems by closing or opening contacts before, during or after a set timing period.
There are two main 'families' of timing relays:
“DIN rail mounted” relays (RE7, RE8, RE9, RE11, RE XL…) designed for mounting on DIN rails in an enclosure,
“Panel mounted” relays type RE 48A, designed for mounting on the front of a panel to give users easy access to the settings.

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Zelio Logic - Oct 2011 - DIA3ED2111202EN

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