The pioneers of manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings, PLASTIC PIPES & FITTINGS FACTORY (Al Adasani) is the first manufacturer of UPVC, CPVC, PE and PPR pipes and fittings in Kuwait. We started our production in 1974. Today the production capacity has reached 33000 tons per annum with a manpower exceeding 360 employees. Production program, with 30 extruding machines and 33 injection machines, has been expanded to include:

1- UPVC conduits and fittings for electrical installation.
2- UPVC pressure pipes and fittings for cold water installation.
3- UPVC sewage and drainage pipes and fittings
4- UPVC & PE electrical and telephone cable ducts and fiber optics sub duct
5- PE80 & PE100 for irrigation and potable water.
6- HDPE & LDPE pipes for irrigation in and on line drip pipes.
7- PP-R pipes and fittings for cold and hot water installation.
8- HDPE pipes for sewage and drainage installation.
9- CPVC pipes and fittings for cold and hot water installation.
10- UPVC and PE profiles and concrete spacers for construction works.
11- High Impact PVC for fire fighting underground.
12- Polybutelene pipes and fittings
13- PPR-CT pipes and fittings for cold and water installation.
14- HDPE Corrugated cable ducts.

PLASTIC PIPES & FITTINGS FACTORY is approved by all Ministries in Kuwait and covers up 80-85% of local market. We also export to Qatar, Tunis, Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq (and Kurdistan) and many other countries with high quality plastic pipes and fittings. In 1996 our Factory achieved the ISO-9001 certificate crowning its effort for continuous development and progress.