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For lovers of beautiful design, Arteor is an exquisite collection of light switches, dimmers, power, audio, video, data, and USB sockets designed to enhance modern interiors. Original materials with stunning finishes position the range at the forefront of electrical accessories. Perfectly in sync with new technologies, the lines of Arteor echo those of high-tech objects increasingly found in interiors: LCDs, plasma screens, digital photo frames, and computer screens. Arteor represents the future of electrical accessories for the design conscious and technology enthusiast.
Arteor Finishes
The Arteor range contains a very high level of detail. Particular attention is therefore paid to the selection and quality of materials, from the most refined to the most innovative, Among the exclusive finishes offered, there is Woven Metail, Mirror Red and Galuchat (shagreen or fish skin). Arteor offeres the user diversity of choice and extensive adaptability in terms of decoration and lifestyle. With such a diverse range of options you can perfectly complement the interior themes in each of your rooms to achieve perfect hue harmony.
*Pics of all finishes in all shapes square and round / Italian and German standards

All Arteor switches and sockets are available in these 17 luxurious finishes.


Pearl Alu





Mirror Black

Mirror Red

Mirror Taupe

Mirror White

Gold Brass

Stainless Steel

Light Oak

Wenge Style

Club Leather


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