Capacitor banks

Reactive energy:
Any electric system using alternating current involves two forms of energy: active energy and reactive energy. Expressed in kilovar hours (kvarh). It is particularly used in motor and transformer windings to create the magnetic field which is essential for thier operation. This energy corresponds to the reactive power Q (kvar). Unlike the active energy, this energy is said to be "unproductive" for the user.
Alpes Technologies offers a comprehensive range of products and services that contribute to energy quality.
Based around reactive energy compensation, the Alpes Technologies offer reduces the amount of reactive energy supplied by the source and improves the power factor of the installation.
Reactive energy compensation has the following advantages:
- No billing for reactive energy
- Reduction of active energy losses in cables
- Improvement of the voltage level at the end of the line
- Increase available reactive power

Reactive energy compensation