Schneider Electric have produced drives that meet all the new technologies. They provide higher performance for motors, reduce noise & maintenance, fast detection & protection against the motor current peaks, etc...
Soft starters types are:
• Altistart 01 are used for applications as fans, pumps, conveyors, car wash gantries, etc....
• Altistart 22 is used for applications as pumps, turbines, compressors, conveyors, conveyor belts, lifting screws, etc.
• -Altistart 48 is used for applications as water pumps, high inertia fans and machines, compressors, conveyors,etc...
Variable frequency drives types are:
• Altivar 12 is used for applications as mobile machines, small machines for industry,etc....
• Altivar 32 is used for industrial machines: hoisting, packaging, material handling, special machines( wood-
working, etc....)
• Altivar 71 is used for high performance applications ( material handling, hoisting, process machinery,etc...
• Altivar 61 is used for high performance pumps and fans for the industrial and building markets.
• Altivar LIFT is used for LIFT applications only.

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