The EasyPact family of air and moulded-case circuit breakers, switch disconnectors, and motor starters are engineered to minimize downtime, lower the total cost of ownership, and maximize efficiency in numerous applications. EasyPact technology is the culmination of decades of experience supplying high-value electrical distribution, protection, and control solutions to demanding professionals world-wide.
The EasyPact EZC system is the simple and universal solution to satisfy all low voltage protection needs with ratings from 15 to 400A.
• Easy to choose
• Easy to install
• Easy to use
The EasyPact CVS range is the easy choice for quality and value. Designed to meet the requirements of the majority of common protection applications in medium-sized buildings, the new EasyPact CVS circuit breakers deliver a level of performance and cost-saving functionality that is unusual in their price range.
• Rated current from 100 to 630 A
• Breaking capacity from 25 to 50 kA at 400/415 V
• 3- and 4-pole versions
The EasyPact MVS range is the easy choice for reliable performance. It provides the ideal level of capability for your installations from 800 to 4000 A, while offering the durability and ease-of use needed for the majority of applications.
• Complies with IEC 60947-2 &3
• Single frame size for full range
• Icu=Ics=Icw (1 s) = 50 kA/ 65 kA offers complete discrimination with the downstream breakers
• Suitability for 690V applications
Intelligent ET range of trip systems with current and voltage measurements

1- MVS ACB Catalogue

2- MVS ACB Leaflet

2.1- Test Certificate MVS ACB

2.2- Test Certificate MVS Switch Disc

1.1- EasyPact CVS 50 deg C - catalogue

1.2- EasyPact CVS 40 deg C - catalogue

2.1- Test Certificate CVS 100A, 160A & 250A

2.2- Test Certificate CVS 400A & 630A

2.3- C2 certificate II Vigi 400 - 630

3- CE Declaration of conformity

4- CVS leaflet

EZC leaflet

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