Various enclosures and cabinets solutions (XL³, Practibox, Nedbox) exist to cover any type of installation.
They share the same sober modern design and provide effortless cabling and deployability.

• XL3 125 CABINETS UP TO 125 A
• XL3 – N – 250 – New distribution boards up to 250 A
Weatherproof cabinets & Enclosures
The different ranges of weatherproof polyester and metal cabinets are the answer to your needs in terms of strength, ease of use, simplicity and adaptability for industrial and commercial applications.
Atlantic-E, the new range of metal enclosures with solid doors, is the solution that gives you just what you need for your sites in terms of strength, ease of use, simplicity and adaptability.

• Download Atlantic E BROCHURE
IP 66 and IK 10
Textured polyester coating (80 µ) RAL 7035
27 sizes, from 300 x 200 x 150 mm to 1200 x 800 x 300 mm.
Supplied with:
- Removable plain plate, cable entry plate, earth connection braid and mounting lugs
- Reversible door with 1 or 2 double bar locks depending on the size of the enclosure
Atlantic-E enclosures can be equipped with a wide range of accessories, to adapt them to the requirements of all your sites, simplify your work and save you time:
- Cabstop plates
- Lina 12.5 and Lina 25 perforated plates
- Sectioned uprights, rails or chassis with insulated faceplates
- Bases, roofs, wall mounting lugs for heavy loads, etc.

Marina Polyester enclosures & Cabinets

Designed in fibreglass reinforced polyester, these enclosures are particularly suitable for corrosive environments: petrochemical, food processing industries, etc.
IP 66 and IK 10. RAL 7035. Reversible door with stainless steel hinges.
Dimensions 1460 x 800 x 463 to 1860 x 800 x 463 mm.
Marina enclosures have a 3-point closure with handle fitted with a
European 1/2 cylinder lock with 2433A key.
Supplied with fixing kit for full-size plate or sectional uprights, depth adjustment runner for equipment.
Equipment & accessories: base, roof, solid plates, Lina 12.5 and Lina 25 perforated, uprights, rails, lifting rings, assembly kit, document holder, window for door, etc.

Enclosure with roof and base


IP 66 and IK 10. RAL 7035.
Polyester cabinets 300 x 220 x 160 to 1220 x 810 x 300 mm.

They have:
- A grid on the rear of the door to help identify the positions and alignment of drill-holes
- Reversible door
Available with glass door and in non-stick version (anti-billposting and anti-graffiti).
-Fixing: wall-mounting with lugs, rear mounting with threaded rod, floor-standing on bracket, mounted on a post.
-Dedicated equipment and accessories: base, roof, joining kit, etc

Fixing on bracket with level adjustment crosspieces

Plexo IP 65
A range of IP65-IK09 weatherproof cabinets, for different configurations adapted to your requirements and offering maximum convenience and modularity.
• Download Plexo IP65

Distribution System
High performance and flexibility
The new XL³ power distribution system can be used to create enclosures from 125 to 4000 A, selecting standard, optimised or increased safety distribution according to your requirements and your preferred way of working.

Optimized distribution

HX3/VX3 optimised distribution provides a complete, coherent system for carrying the electric current in the panel, saving a great deal of installation time.

"Increased safety" distribution

"Increased safety" distribution is the answer for highly critical sites with specific requirements concerning operation, maintenance and upgrading.

Standard distribution

Copper supply busbars, modular distribution blocks and busbars are designed to create distribution systems to suit your wiring practices and provide maximum safety.

Alpes Technologie Catalogue

Atlantic E IP 66 Cabinets

Practibox flush-mounting distribution cabinets

XL3_125 cabinets up to 125 A

XL3-N-250-New distribution boards up to 250 A