The Vigilohm range of insulation monitoring devices (IMDs) provides you with a simple, reliable insulation monitoring, communication and fault location solution for your IT (ungrounded) networks.
This renewed and simplified offer contribute to increasing personnel & equipment safety and process availability.
Injection principle
- Measures the resistance of a circuit
- Triggers an alarm in case of an insulation fault, through contact relays, local message and Modbus communication
Standards compliance
- Complies with all major standards, IEC, UL, DNV
Key characteristics
- Fault detection and signaling
- Insulation resistance value display
- Earth leakage capacitance display
- Modbus communication
- Data log with time-stamped events
- Voltage adaptor compatibility
- Advanced transformer monitoring
- Refer to the Vigilohm catalog for complete feature and specification information on each device in the Vigilohm range.
In low voltage electrical distributions, the combined use of an IT network arrangement and Insulation Monitoring Devices
• Increases personnel safety
• Reduces risk of fire or explosion
• Increases process uptime
• Ease maintenance and reduce OPEX
Your solution to make the best of your IT electrical network
• Industry, including chemical, refinery, and transformation processes, where continuous process is critical
• Infrastructure like airports, harbors, tunnels, and railways where safety is at stake
• Healthcare areas like operation theaters and intensive care unit for security of patient and medical staff
• Marine for safety reasons
• Power Generation like photovoltaic, wind, hydro and nuclear, to prevent fire
• Extraction, such as oil &gas and mining, to prevent fire and/or explosion