VarSet low voltage capacitor bank is a complete range of high quality power factor correction solutions engineered to compensate reactive power and harmonic distortion. These are easy and flexible solutions that can immediately boost your facility’s energy efficiency and productivity. Using VARSET capacitor banks, your power factor is maintained at an ideal level for optimum power system efficiency and cost reduction.
VarSet provides the features and capabilities you need. Choose from a full range of standard, pre-configured capacitor banks, or build a custom solution by mixing available options to fulfill your unique requirements.
• Fully type tested in compliance with IEC/EN 61439-1 & 2, IEC 61921
• Network voltage: 230V-400V-415V-690V (50Hz), 240V-400V-480V-600V (60Hz)
• Wall mounted enclosures from 9kvar to 300kvar - Floor standing cubicles from 50kvar to 1150kvar
• Automatic compensation for variable-unstable loads up to 1150kvar - Fixed compensation for stable loads up to 200kvar
• Modbus communication (Varlogic NRC12 and communication module in option) for integration with building management systems
• Detuned reactor tuning: 2.7 (135Hz), 3.8 (190Hz), 4.2 (210Hz)
• Thermal control devices
• Protection with main incomer circuit breaker and step circuit breakers
• Top or bottom cable connections
• IPxxB protection against direct contacts (door open)
• IP31 protection for indoor applications - IP54 protection for dusty and industrial environments (optional)
• IK10 protection against mechanical shocks

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