Universal Enclosures

Ranges for Schneider Electric universal enclosures are :
- Spacial ( Metal enclosures and boxes )
- Thalassa ( Insulating enclosures )
- ClimaSys ( Thermal management )
Steel wall mounted enclosures CRN & CRNG range:
- CRN have 39 dimensions of metal monobloc enclosures.
- CRNG have 15 dimensions of metal monobloc enclosures.
- CRN & CRNG enclosures consists of sides made from a single folded section. Back piece joined to the sides using a special profile forming a protected sealed area. Both externally and internally painted with texturised RAL 7035 grey epoxy-polyester resin.
- CRN & CRNG enclosures are IP 66 for one-door enclosures according to IEC 60529. IK 10 for plain door & IK 08 for glazed door according to IEC 62262.
-CRNG type is IP55 for two-door enclosures according to IEC 62262.
Steel floor standing enclosures SM & SF range:
- SM enclosure body made from sheet steel, welded rear panel, with the front forming a rigid frame with welded corners.
-SF enclosure allows several enclosures to be coupled together. These enclosures is made of : sheet steel door, sheet steel rear and side panels, vertical uprights, top/bottom frame, and gland plate.
-SM & SF enclosures are IP55 enclosure, IK10 for plain and IK08 for transparent door.
- SM & SF enclosures with doors made from folded and welded steel, 120 degrees opening, hinged with captive pin made from zamak and handle lock with 5-mm double-bar insert.
- SM & SF enclosures with plain or transparent door, painted epoxy-polyester resin, textured RAL 7035

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